Friday, 2 May 2014

To every thing there is a season

My dear things, how are we?

I have a rather weighty announcement to make. Best brace yourselves. But before I issue said proclamation, I wish to review a bit of ancient history. Do indulge me now by casting your mind back to the heady days of February 2012, when this blog was first conceived....

'Conceived' is, of course, too strong a word. Neither this blog nor any of my Marketing Chap endeavors ever benefited from any planning. The first post, fueled by impulsive thinking and champagne, was written in the dead of night with no thought to where it might lead. It met with approval from a small but responsive audience, and, finding the composition process jolly fun, I kept things up. As I was writing about Twitter, an active Twitter presence seemed an obvious next step, but soon my activities expanded into Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, guest blogging, and ultimately a monthly column in the Drum. Blimey! The Marketing Chap oeuvre, as it were, had somehow become rather vast.

Frequently I would be asked, "I say, chap, how do you find the bally time to create so much content? After all, even the bilge you sometimes dash off doesn't write itself, does it?"

The answer to this question was rather simple. In early 2012 my career had reached one of those plateaus that careers often reach. Life was comfortable, but rather routine. My superiors had me pegged as a chap who was reassuringly steady, rather good at getting well-oiled with clients, but otherwise not pegged for greatness. This sort of appraisal jarred, of course, but I am not one to grumble. I accepted my worthy but uninspiring workload without complaint. But the grey matter remained unstretched. I found there was plenty of excess capacity in the old cranium for generating content in the wee hours. With the invaluable assistance of my manservant Perkins, I was still appearing daisy-fresh each morning at my place of employment, ready to conquer the menial tasks set before me. In other words, Marketing Chap was an opportunity to unlease the creative forces within me that were otherwise remaining pent up. It was dashed therapeutic.

As Marketing Chap grew in size and popularity, however, it began to crash into the somnolent routine of my stodgy work environment as well. Not in a bad way, of course, but it took a lot of chaps I was working with by surprise. Not only did I appear to have things to say that other chaps wanted to read, but large, respectable companies began to track me down and 'make inquiries.' Suddenly I was in demand. Since none of the people asking for my services actually knew who I was, this led to some rather odd scenarios. More than once I have shown up at the headquarters of global companies worth billions of pounds and been checked in by the receptionist as 'Mark Etingchap.'

Being Marketing Chap was jolly fun, of course, and now that it had the unexpected benefit of bringing in clients I got the green light from my employer to press the accelerator and see how far the thing could go. Things proceeded swimmingly, but my workload began to grow and became much more interesting to boot. This meant more and more of my creative faculties were focused on my clients and not on my blogging and tweeting. Rather rum, I know, but there it is.

I struggled valiantly to keep Marketing Chap going and still service my growing client base, but in the end I found the strain simply too much to bear. Being Marketing Chap is much more fun than actual work, of course, but clients do have this annoying habit of expecting a chap to follow through on his commitments. Now that these commitments required actual thinking on my part, I found it impossible to devote sufficient mental energies to the Marketing Chap juggernaut I had created.

And so, I must regretfully announce that the Marketing Chap you have all known and loved for the past two years (with the odd break here and there, of course) is no more. Dreadfully sorry about that. Do forgive.

BUT, I'm not the sort of chap who lets down his chums completely. What I mean to say is, although you shan't be seeing me online as regularly as you once did, I have no plans to disappear completely. There shall be no leaving in the lurch. Things are merely being pruned back.

Those delightful rogues at the Drum have kindly agreed to let me revive my monthly column, with the next edition slated to appear in roughly two weeks.

No doubt, those of you who had thought yourselves finally free of my contrived nonsense will be disappointed. These things can't always be helped.

But I hope for most of my readers the chance to have a concentrated dose of Marketing Chap once a month will be met with some moderate good cheer. It is my hope that by spreading myself less thinly I might occasionally write something worth reading as well. We must live in hope, I daresay.

Many thanks to all of you for your splendid company these past two years. It has been an absolute honour!

And I shan't be disappearing from Twitter entirely of course. I shall do my best to stick the oar in occasionally. Do feel free to stop by for a chat and a cup of tea when the sinews require strengthening.

Pip pip!

Monday, 25 November 2013

A few thoughts about Like Minds London over tea

I'm a total loss to the world on a Saturday morning until some kind soul brings a ministering cup of Darjeeling to my bedside (no earlier than 10:30, if you please). This Saturday, as is nearly always the case, the life-saving elixir was brought in on a silver tray by my faithful manservant Perkins.

Normally Perkins glides silently from the room after delivering the tea. It is a moment when one needs sheltering from the distractions of life, and as an accomplished gentleman's gentleman, Perkins knows this instinctively. And yet on this occasion, there he remained. Something was afoot I gathered.

"Yes Perkins, what is it?" I asked.

"Forgive me sir, but you specifically asked me to remind you this morning to work on the blog post for the Like Minds London beginning on Tuesday 26 November sir."

"Did I?"

"Yes sir. You were adamant I insist you began immediately upon receipt of your morning tea, sir. Shall I fetch you the laptop, sir?"

Efficient valets are a must when one requires a seat booked on the 12:15 from Paddington, or desires trouser creases so sharp that they provoke admiring comments. They are dashed inconvenient, however, when one wants an extra five minutes in bed to finish the first cup of tea. Still, there was nothing for it but to crack on and apply the nose to the grindstone until the blasted post was written.

There was one saving grace worth noting, however. My desire to remain tucked into the bedclothes was not owing to a sore head brought about from a night on the tiles. It was merely the result of being terribly busy. Clients were requesting more and more of my time, and new clients were appearing around every hill and dale.

"I didn't happen to say what I intended to write about when I was doling out instructions, did I Perkins?"

"I believe, sir, you intended to address the recent Bellweather Report from the IPA, sir. The one that revealed the highest ever increase in marketing spend during the third quarter of 2013. "

"Crikey!" I said. "No doubting that trend, is there? I mean, there's oodles of work out there at the moment. Not sure this will make much of a blog post, though. Somewhat thin, if you don't mind me saying."

"Not at all, sir," Perkins explained. "If memory serves correct, however, this was merely the jumping off point. You intended to explore the state of digital marketing skills in the workforce in light of increased marketing spend. That is a topic Like Minds London will focus on, to help businesses understand what they need to pay attention to, and what they need to be doing."

"Ah," I said meaningfully. Or at least I meant it to sound meaningful. The conversation Perkins was alluding to suddenly appeared in the memory in full. No detail was missing. Unfortunately, as I could now remember with total accuracy, this is where our conversation had stopped and I hadn't given the topic a moment's consideration since. Much too busy, you see.

Perkins was just turning to glide away when I said, "Do feel free to give me your thoughts on the matter, Perkins. An amateur's perspective can be very refreshing, you see. No doubt it will spark a few ideas. Helping me view the matter with fresh eyes, I mean."

Perkins assented gracefully with a nod, and then after taking a moment to collect his thoughts held forth:

"It seems to me, sir, that this upturn in marketing spend will be like none other in the marketing industry's history. What I mean to say is, the marketing landscape has changed almost beyond recognition since the recent economic troubles began in 2007.

"Six years ago social media was still a plaything of the young and had yet to prove its relevance as a marketing tool. It was growing rapidly as a phenomenon, but it was hardly the monetized product one sees today. Smartphones were only just appearing, and barely anyone knew what an 'app' was. In 2007, if I remember correctly, mobile telephones existed mostly for making telephone calls.

"The world in general, and the world of marketing in particular, has undergone a revolution, sir. But this revolution has, counter-intuitively, occurred during an economic downturn. CEOs are restoring their marketing budgets in a world that is vastly different than the world when those budgets were reigned in. The skills of a new world will be needed, sir, and I fear they will be in short supply."

This was hot stuff, I don't mind admitting, but it is never good to let one's valet become too pleased with himself.

"A laudable attempt, Perkins. Perhaps I will work a bit of that into the end of my piece somehow. But may I ask, by skills, do you refer to technical abilities such as coding, data analysis and the like?"

"I do sir," he replied, "but I also fear there is a danger these skills may become over-valued as the influx of money into the market grows."

"Over-valued?" I asked, skeptically. I thought this unlikely and arched an eyebrow meaningfully to alert Perkins to this fact.

"Perhaps 'over-valued' is too strong a word, sir, but I do think the coming demand for technical skills will not replace the most important skills in marketing."

"Go on," I said, intrigued.

"Well, sir, it seems to me there are more opportunities for reaching the consumer than ever before, more ways to test any marketing campaign than ever before, and more ways to analyze and learn from the results than ever before."

"Sounds about right," I said. "What of it?"

"Does marketing work any better as a result, sir? It seems to me that if these vast technological advances were working to plan then marketing would become more efficient. And if marketing were more efficient it would be costing less. But the cost of marketing is not dropping, sir, as we have just noted. Marketing spend experienced its biggest increase in Q3 since records began.

"Perhaps, sir, it is the old-fashioned ingredients, such as creativity, intuition, and hard graft that are still required to market effectively. There will no doubt be a shortage of technical know-how in the marketing world as spending rises, but CMOs need to make sure their teams are stocked with the best in creative talent as well as technical talent. The coming fashion for technical prowess will no doubt mislead some into forgetting this."

I sipped my tea silently and thanked Perkins for his comments.

As he withdrew I said, "No disturbances for the next hour if you please. I had some inspiration strike while you were prattling on and need to put it into writing."

"Very good, sir," he said, and was gone.

Follow the newly-appointed Chap Associates David Rose, Kat Rutherford, Lisa Bollins, Katie Burdett, and Joe Birch as they tweet and blog from Like Minds London for all three days: 27-29 November.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Introducing the Chap Associates!

What ho!

The nerves all all atwitter today, chaps. Big things afoot and all that. Specifically, it is now time to reveal the successful candidates for the new Chap Associate programme!

What will Chap Associates do? I must say, I'm rather disappointed if you need to ask this. The particulars are listed in full in the previous post. Do have a gander.

For the slow-coaches, however, I shall summarize: Chap Associates will assist me with the daily tasks of administering the burgeoning Marketing Chap empire, and attend various events and functions as my deputies when I am unable. The first of these shindigs is already set - Chap Associates will be attending the Like Minds London conference on 27-29 November where they will be blogging, tweeting, Instagramming with abandon.

Tempting as it might be to prattle on, the purpose of the post is to introduce the ten successful applicants. The Chap Associates' first assignment was to write 50-100 words about themselves for your reading pleasure. Here are the results:

Katie Burdett is a 21 year old journalism graduate living just outside of London. She enjoys writing, spending time with family and friends and buying shoes. Katie would love a career in PR or marketing and is obsessed with social media. She is a self-confessed Pinterest addict and her guilty pleasures are reality TV and gossip magazines.

Steven Manicom is a marketing communications student from Cape Town, South Africa. He is studying at AAA School of Advertising and is passionate about all things marketing and advertising. Looking to start a career in marketing, he is an easy-going all-round good guy who always strives for the best in all spheres of life. Runner, cyclist, artist, earl grey addict, royalist, wannabe petrol head, music lover, and non-Greek Greek. He works hard, and plays harder.

David Rose graduated with a degree in Business Economics last summer. Since then, he’s been writing for various publications in the UK and US. Aside from writing, David has a passion for volunteering, where he dedicates some of his spare time to help support the great work of Great Ormond Street Hospital. David is keen to break into financial/business journalism in the near future of his career.

Alicja Krzeminska is a bilingual PR graduate residing rather far up North in the land of whiskey, oil and men in skirts. She is particularly interested in digital marketing and PR, with a special interest in social media and online communities; looking quite actively to find a job in a digital agency down in London. When she is not busy working or spending countless hours on twitter, you can probably find her engrossed in a book or being sucked into the vortex of the World Wide Web.

Joe Birch graduated from the University of Warwick with a degree in English Literature this summer. Becoming a Chap Associate is his first foray in to the world of online blogging and social media, a fact which has him excited and nervous in equal measure. When not spending time with his pipe smoking chums, he plays cricket and writes various pieces for his own blog, mainly for his own amusement. It should also be noted that he makes an excellent martini.

Lisa Bollins is a recent Media and Communications graduate from De Montfort University. During her time at university Lisa set up a beauty blog, which she has managed to regularly update over three years and built up a strong following. Lisa has a passion for all things social media, and along with her blog can be found regularly updating her Twitter and Instagram. Since finishing her degree Lisa has taken part in two social media internships where she has been able to grow her understanding of the profession.

Kat Rutherford’s primary activity in life seems to be harassing people as a result of intrigue or necessity. As a result she thanks the lord (or more accurately, the digital overlords, Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg, etc.) for the invention of modern methods through which she can continue to experiment and play with this. Whether spurring creatives on to produce collaborative artistic dialogues, targeting the wider public to take notice of them, or just generally having a bit of a banter, Kat’s life would be very different without these very social forms of media.

Lauren Morton is a 21 year old Music and Theatre Graduate from the University of Derby. Living in the West Midlands, Lauren is passionate about music and is working towards a career within Music PR. As well as a part time job in retail, Lauren also volunteers with a local start up company, helping them implement their Marketing and PR strategies. In her spare time Lauren enjoys writing and performing music and also has her own blog. Lauren is very excited about working as a Chap Associate and is very appreciative of the opportunity.

Samantha Czekanski is a landscape photographer and fashion writer, having written pieces for both American and British based websites. In addition to this experience, she will also be interning at a local image consulting firm so she might start her own image consulting business one day. She has just recently been accepted into fashion school, and blogs at When she's not pursuing her passions, she can often be found amongst a sea of chocolate Hobnobs and the latest issue of Tatler.

Born in Bristol, and educated in such far-flung places as Saudi Arabia and Manchester, Leigh Purnell currently lives in an old kennels in Somerset.  During her thirty something years she has been a chef, a telecoms worker, a waitress (a career she gave up after accidentally hitting a customer in the face with a toasted teacake) and a member of an imaginary pop band, albeit one that was mentioned on Radio 1. In her spare time Leigh enjoys writing and listening to a wide range of embarrassing music.

An impressive lot, I'm sure you'll agree. Even more impressive will be the high-jinx that we shall collectively unleash upon an unsuspecting public. What I mean to say is, brace yourselves!

The name of each Chap Associate above is linked to their Twitter profile. Do take a moment to congratulate them on their appointment. Likewise, my partners in crime, Susan Ward and Lauren Hug have been veritable pillars of strength during this selection process and are deserving of much praise. Bravo!

Stay tuned for the next installment, chaps! Until then...

Pip pip!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Chap Associates - now accepting applications!

What ho!

Rather exciting news today, chaps. After a year-and-a-half as a single-man operation, the time for the Marketing Chap team to expand has arrived!

Staying true to this blog's emphasis on experimentation and giving a leg-up to those new to the profession, I have devised a virtual internship or sorts. It is my aim to capture the best things about internships (essential experience at the sharp end, valuable contacts, and a dashed good time) while leaving behind the negative aspects that have been in the public eye so much of late (mind-numbing drudgery, neglect, and exploitation). Shedding the now-loaded term 'intern' is a first step, of course. Something less subordinate and more like a partner-in-crime is required. It is with great pleasure, therefore, that I announce the Chap Associate Programme.

The exact duties of Chap Associates will no doubt evolve over time. Here, though, are a few highlights of what should be expected in the short term:
  • Writing press releases and contacting journalists for Marketing Chap clients (there is only one at the moment - the Principality of Sealand - but this could change).
  • Developing and implementing new ideas to promote and expand Marketing Chap.
  • Representing me and the Marketing Chap brand at the various events I am invited to but, for one reason or another, am unable to attend.
The first of these events is coming up rather quickly, actually. I have been invited to join in with Like Minds London, and three three-day passes have been set aside for the use of Chap Associates from 26-28th November. Chap Associates who attend would be expected to engage in tweeting, live blogging, and other content creation. Attendees will be hearing and learning from Ajaz Ahmed, Rory Sutherland, Ed Bussey, Philippa Snare, Simon Devonshire and others.

Additional perks will include a email address, a glimpse inside the inner workings of this blog, and (hopefully) a great deal of fun. The Chap Associate role will be unpaid, however. Marketing Chap is a labour of love and Chap Associates would be expected to engage with it on the same terms (Marketing Chap 'clients,' as referred to above, are not paying clients). 

The programme will be administered via group discussions on a private online forum. When tasks arise they will be posted for Chap Associates to take up on a first-come-first-serve basis. If no one is interested, then I shall simply have to make do on my own. No Chap Associate will be asked to do any specific task, or to take on tasks they are uncomfortable with, lack the skills for, or simply don't have time for. As this is a strictly voluntary arrangement, Chap Associates are free to drop out of the programme at any time for any reason without fear of blotting their copybook in any way.

Helping me administer this programme are two chapettes who have been firm supporters of Marketing Chap since its very first days: Lauren Hug and Susan Ward. Besides acting as general advisers, Lauren and Susan will also be checking the forum regularly to make sure nothing goes awry, and to act as an additional channel of communication for reporting problems. In short, they will be the grown-ups in the room.

How will Chap Associates be selected? Delighted you asked, actually. Here are the criteria:

Chap Associates may be of any age and live in any part of the world. Although much of the programme's activity will naturally centre on the UK, having cohorts based abroad will provide some interesting opportunities (although the chance to represent Marketing Chap at events may be rather limited).

The Chap Associate programme has been designed to give CV-boosting experience to those who are new to the marketing/advertising/PR professions. As such, applicants currently in paid employment in these industries will not be considered. Students, recent graduates, or those hoping to make a career switch are all encouraged to apply, however.

Although specific marketing or PR qualifications will be noted, these are not required.

Those wishing to apply should answer the following questions:
  1. Which product or brand would be the perfect client for Marketing Chap? Why?
  2. Why do you want to join the Marketing Chap team, and why should you be chosen?
  3. How would you describe your perfect day?
Format, medium, and length are all at the discretion of the applicant (in other words, audio, video, and text submissions are all acceptable).

Please send your answers along with a cover letter, a CV (resumé) and anything else you would like to include (further examples of your writing skills are strongly encouraged) to by 23:59 GMT on Tuesday 5 November (remember, remember!). If you are applying from within the UK, please state in your cover letter whether you are available for all or any part of Like Minds London.

Lauren, Susan and I will review all applications as a group. Successful candidates are required to have approval from at least two judges. This means that Lauren and Susan can outvote me, so being my steadfast chum will not be sufficient to get you the nod in this instance.

The number of Chap Associate positions has not yet been determined, but somewhere around a dozen seems best. Once selected, Chap Associates will serve an initial term of three months (to the end of January) at which point a review of the entire programme will be taken. If all is going well the programme will continue and (where appropriate) Chap Associates will be invited to remain in post for a longer term.

The initial interest in the programme has been strong, and it seems likely there will be more applicants than can be reasonably accommodated on the programme. If for any reason you are not selected and the programme continues, do feel free to reapply at the next intake.

Here are a few things applicants should not do:
  • Feel obliged in any way to submit their application in a jolly Edwardian lingo.
  • Be afraid of experimenting with the format of their application.
  • Expect to meet me in person (do forgive).
And here is one last disclaimer: although the Chap Associate programme will bear some resemblances to a traditional internship, it will be anything but traditional. Plans have been left deliberately vague and will be shaped by the needs, desires, and skills of the Chap Associates themselves. Those who do not find this concept bracing should perhaps consider a different course.

Apologies for the tortured length of this post, chaps, but the issues discussed are terribly important. Despite my best efforts there will still no doubt be some general questions left unanswered. If so, please post them in the comments section below so that others can benefit from the answers as well (if you have a question of a private nature, however, do feel free to contact me on

Best of luck to everyone!

Pip pip!

Monday, 7 October 2013

Arise Sir Marketing Chap!

What ho, chaps!

Enormous news to reveal today. Shall we dive straight in?

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed straight away a new ornament on the right side of this blog. This is a 'royal warrant,' recently granted by HRH Prince Michael of Sealand. For the full story of how this royal warrant was granted, please peruse my latest opinion piece in The Drum, published today. None of what you read would have been possible without the help of Richard Robinson of Oystercatchers, and I owe him an enormous debt of thanks. If you're not following Richard yet, I dare say you're missing a trick. Do so at once!

Being appointed Marketing & Social Media Advisor Royal is sufficient honour to last a chap a lifetime, of course. My new liege's generosity is renowned, however, and he was not content to stop there. In addition to my royal appointment, I have been granted the title 'Officer of the Sovereign Military Order of Sealand,' and as such, am now deemed a 'knight of the realm,' and most importantly, 'Sir Mark Etingchap.'

As many of you are well aware, these hounors satisfy what has been a life-long ambition. After hunting vainly for my name semi-annually in the New Year and Birthday Honours lists, it is a bit of a shock to achieve the same result in such an unexpected manner. But still, there we are.

If any of my readers are unacquainted with the Sealand saga, I would encourage them strongly to make up for this deficiency as soon as possible. Besides the official Sealand website, there are several Wikipedia articles and a host of other online information. Do take care, however, as Sealandic history is  rife with examples of mountebanks and bounders claiming false connections to Sealand in order to part some pour soul from his hard-earned. For this reason Prince James, the Hereditary Prince of Sealand, has been kind enough to arrange an official announcement at his end to confirm my post.

The similarities between the rulers of Sealand and other European monarchs are many, but one feature worth noting is relatively recent opening up of the Sealandic peerage on a commercial basis. Closely modelled on the establishment of the modern English baronetage by King James I in 1611, one may apply for ennoblement in exchange for a contribution to the royal treasury (In King James' case, a Baronetcy put one back an eye-watering £1,095 - a colossal sum by seventeenth century standards. You will find Sealandic prices much more reasonable). For more information see here.

That's all for now, chaps, but do keep a keen eye peeled for more on this story, which is only just beginning. In the meantime, do feel free to mention you are a chum of 'Sir Mark' the next time you make a dinner reservation. It will no doubt ensure you are given the best table in the house.

Pip pip!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Marketing Chap at iStrategy London

What ho, chaps!

Several weeks ago I was approached by a very sound egg named John Whitehurst about appearing at the iStrategy digital marketing conference at Twickenham Stadium on 30 September. I must say, this was a very appealing offer.

iStrategy is well-known for attracting attendees of the better element, and the lineup of speakers includes Dave Trott, John Grant, and Heather Healy.  And, as John pointed out, iStrategy promises to feature "the world’s leading social media speakers," so most attendees will be expecting me to be there anyway.

I accepted, of course, but almost immediately something rather unavoidable (in a good way) came up. It isn't possible to reveal the details at present, but I was forced to withdraw my offer to attend. This led to a rather unseemly row on Twitter between John and myself (something we now both deeply regret), but tempers were lowered and our friendship was patched up when a suitable understudy was found.

My beloved Auntie Beatrice, whom many of you will know from the pages of this blog, shall now be attending iStrategy as my deputy. As she is rather unaccustomed to addressing rooms full of marketing high-flyers I shall also be present in virtual form, answering the more technical questions from afar. Auntie B will be providing the required gravitas on stage, however, and is determined to be equal to the task. I have the utmost confidence in her abilities, and, as long as we keep her away from the sherry, she is very unlikely to burst into her famous rendition of the Laughing Policeman.

So then, there we are. Auntie Beatrice and I shall be taking part in 'The Social Club,' which runs from 14:14 - 15:10 on 30 September, hosted by the marvelous Adam Burns, and also including Craig Thomas (Enterprise Account Manager with ProjectPlace), and Mike Shaw (Vice President of Media for ComScore). You will find my iStrategy speaker profile liberally sprinkled across their website, so please do have a peruse.

I shall be back with a report of the event itself in due course, but before then expect news on the rather stupendous events which are forcing me to give iStrategy a miss in person.

Pip pip!

Monday, 19 August 2013

A Dozen New Good Eggs!

What ho, chaps!

Today sees the return of this blog's most exciting feature: the Good Eggs.

Who are the Good Eggs? They are chaps and chapettes who are new to the marketing industry or moving to a new country (or both) and in general need of connections and a bit of extra exposure. This original idea was concocted by my faithful manservant Perkins (who never fails to point this out to anyone willing to listen - you can read about it in the original Good Egg post here).

A whopping twelve new Good Eggs join the ranks today. You will find links to their various profiles on the Find a Good Egg page, but first please allow me to introduce them each in brief:

Lauren Jameison is a recent graduate of the University of Glasgow with a passion for storytelling and two marketing internships under her belt. Lauren is hoping to find a position in Scotland's central belt.

Lisa Bollins is another recent graduate, this time from De Montfort University, and hoping to start her career in her home county of Bedfordshire. Among her many impressive acheivments is a very popular beauty blog which she has actively updated throughout her studies.

Melanie Todd is an American with dreams of returning to London where she worked as an intern for NBC News. She is also returning to the communications and PR field after a seven year stint in education where she was most recently a high school assistant principal.

David Rose is a first for the Good Egg pages - an aspiring journalist! David specializes in business journalism, but has a wide range of interests and a light, readable writing style.
Akira Spann  aspires to be a player in the world of entertainment marketing. She is now in Miami, but is planning a move to Los Angeles where she will advance her career and study for a master's degree in communication management at the University of Southern California.

Irini Saranti has just completed an MSc in marketing from Strathclyde Business School and is now planning a move to London to start her career. She has a passion for all things digital and consumer behaviour.

Elly Aylwin-Foster knows exactly what she wants to be: a strategic planner in an advertising agency. She writes her own blog and is a features writer for Consumerama, and has also lived abroad in places diverse as Cuba, India, and South Korea.

Asher Lurie is a Canadian who has just finished Humber College's prestigious PR programme and is seeking employment in the Toronto area. He was also recommended by a Humber academic for inclusion as a Good Egg! Bravo, chap!

Amanda Chen is another Canadian Good Egg, but currently living in the UK. Originally a journalist, Amanda is looking for a digital marketing internship in London. Amanda is also a dab hand at social media and worth following wherever possible.

Gordon Forbes realized he had a passion for communications planning while studying for his film degree at the University of Stirling. Originally from the Scottish Highlands, Gordon is seeking work in Edinburgh, London or New York.

Emily Thomas recently graduated from Seattle University. She is an active member (and now marketing director) of Seattle's Rotary Club youth organization, and in the last year has developed her own extensive social media empire.

Lotta Holmberg is a digital project manager with years of experience under her belt and now a postgraduate degree from the London School of Economics as well. She's especially keen to make a big impact at a London start-up or SME, and we have no doubt she will.

Here are updates from some previously profiled Good Eggs:

Nicole Bosky took a deep dive into planning and strategy with Unilever Food & Branding/Marketing, but soon realized her love for the creative side was unfulfilled. Keeping strategy in mind, she has now enrolled at the School of Communication Arts 2.0 (SCA) to becoming a planning/art director. In the mean time she is freelancing, putting together creative strategy plans for brands such as Manga Jo, Hellmanns' and SmartPay. If interested in her services, get in touch via her Good Egg profile.

Regan Opel has been spending her summer as a Media Intern for the prestigious Cato Institute in Washington, D.C. She has also started her own business called GlittErasables that produces splendidly sparkly dry erase boards for those who prefer a colourful writing surface.

Mike Brooks was one of five candidates selected this year for an internship as part of Omnicom's DAS Accelerate programme. As part of this programme he is now completing a ten week stint as a PR intern at O2.

Sonya Kirwan is now an account executive at Edinburgh's The Union agency. Bravo, chapette!

Callum Sibley became a marketing assistant at Capita in February, a few weeks after first being listed as a Good Egg.

If you think any of the Good Eggs profiled in this post or on the main Good Egg page might be right for your business do get in touch. If you know a company looking for their particular skills be sure to forward their Good Egg profile. If you just want to be helpful, share this post, the main Good Egg page, or individual Good Egg profiles with your network (and before contacting any of the Good Eggs profiled on this blog do read the Good Egg Terms & Conditions page).

The next Good Egg update is scheduled for late September. If you would like to be profiled, please get in touch:

Pip pip!