Monday, 19 August 2013

A Dozen New Good Eggs!

What ho, chaps!

Today sees the return of this blog's most exciting feature: the Good Eggs.

Who are the Good Eggs? They are chaps and chapettes who are new to the marketing industry or moving to a new country (or both) and in general need of connections and a bit of extra exposure. This original idea was concocted by my faithful manservant Perkins (who never fails to point this out to anyone willing to listen - you can read about it in the original Good Egg post here).

A whopping twelve new Good Eggs join the ranks today. You will find links to their various profiles on the Find a Good Egg page, but first please allow me to introduce them each in brief:

Lauren Jameison is a recent graduate of the University of Glasgow with a passion for storytelling and two marketing internships under her belt. Lauren is hoping to find a position in Scotland's central belt.

Lisa Bollins is another recent graduate, this time from De Montfort University, and hoping to start her career in her home county of Bedfordshire. Among her many impressive acheivments is a very popular beauty blog which she has actively updated throughout her studies.

Melanie Todd is an American with dreams of returning to London where she worked as an intern for NBC News. She is also returning to the communications and PR field after a seven year stint in education where she was most recently a high school assistant principal.

David Rose is a first for the Good Egg pages - an aspiring journalist! David specializes in business journalism, but has a wide range of interests and a light, readable writing style.
Akira Spann  aspires to be a player in the world of entertainment marketing. She is now in Miami, but is planning a move to Los Angeles where she will advance her career and study for a master's degree in communication management at the University of Southern California.

Irini Saranti has just completed an MSc in marketing from Strathclyde Business School and is now planning a move to London to start her career. She has a passion for all things digital and consumer behaviour.

Elly Aylwin-Foster knows exactly what she wants to be: a strategic planner in an advertising agency. She writes her own blog and is a features writer for Consumerama, and has also lived abroad in places diverse as Cuba, India, and South Korea.

Asher Lurie is a Canadian who has just finished Humber College's prestigious PR programme and is seeking employment in the Toronto area. He was also recommended by a Humber academic for inclusion as a Good Egg! Bravo, chap!

Amanda Chen is another Canadian Good Egg, but currently living in the UK. Originally a journalist, Amanda is looking for a digital marketing internship in London. Amanda is also a dab hand at social media and worth following wherever possible.

Gordon Forbes realized he had a passion for communications planning while studying for his film degree at the University of Stirling. Originally from the Scottish Highlands, Gordon is seeking work in Edinburgh, London or New York.

Emily Thomas recently graduated from Seattle University. She is an active member (and now marketing director) of Seattle's Rotary Club youth organization, and in the last year has developed her own extensive social media empire.

Lotta Holmberg is a digital project manager with years of experience under her belt and now a postgraduate degree from the London School of Economics as well. She's especially keen to make a big impact at a London start-up or SME, and we have no doubt she will.

Here are updates from some previously profiled Good Eggs:

Nicole Bosky took a deep dive into planning and strategy with Unilever Food & Branding/Marketing, but soon realized her love for the creative side was unfulfilled. Keeping strategy in mind, she has now enrolled at the School of Communication Arts 2.0 (SCA) to becoming a planning/art director. In the mean time she is freelancing, putting together creative strategy plans for brands such as Manga Jo, Hellmanns' and SmartPay. If interested in her services, get in touch via her Good Egg profile.

Regan Opel has been spending her summer as a Media Intern for the prestigious Cato Institute in Washington, D.C. She has also started her own business called GlittErasables that produces splendidly sparkly dry erase boards for those who prefer a colourful writing surface.

Mike Brooks was one of five candidates selected this year for an internship as part of Omnicom's DAS Accelerate programme. As part of this programme he is now completing a ten week stint as a PR intern at O2.

Sonya Kirwan is now an account executive at Edinburgh's The Union agency. Bravo, chapette!

Callum Sibley became a marketing assistant at Capita in February, a few weeks after first being listed as a Good Egg.

If you think any of the Good Eggs profiled in this post or on the main Good Egg page might be right for your business do get in touch. If you know a company looking for their particular skills be sure to forward their Good Egg profile. If you just want to be helpful, share this post, the main Good Egg page, or individual Good Egg profiles with your network (and before contacting any of the Good Eggs profiled on this blog do read the Good Egg Terms & Conditions page).

The next Good Egg update is scheduled for late September. If you would like to be profiled, please get in touch:

Pip pip!

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