Monday, 7 October 2013

Arise Sir Marketing Chap!

What ho, chaps!

Enormous news to reveal today. Shall we dive straight in?

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed straight away a new ornament on the right side of this blog. This is a 'royal warrant,' recently granted by HRH Prince Michael of Sealand. For the full story of how this royal warrant was granted, please peruse my latest opinion piece in The Drum, published today. None of what you read would have been possible without the help of Richard Robinson of Oystercatchers, and I owe him an enormous debt of thanks. If you're not following Richard yet, I dare say you're missing a trick. Do so at once!

Being appointed Marketing & Social Media Advisor Royal is sufficient honour to last a chap a lifetime, of course. My new liege's generosity is renowned, however, and he was not content to stop there. In addition to my royal appointment, I have been granted the title 'Officer of the Sovereign Military Order of Sealand,' and as such, am now deemed a 'knight of the realm,' and most importantly, 'Sir Mark Etingchap.'

As many of you are well aware, these hounors satisfy what has been a life-long ambition. After hunting vainly for my name semi-annually in the New Year and Birthday Honours lists, it is a bit of a shock to achieve the same result in such an unexpected manner. But still, there we are.

If any of my readers are unacquainted with the Sealand saga, I would encourage them strongly to make up for this deficiency as soon as possible. Besides the official Sealand website, there are several Wikipedia articles and a host of other online information. Do take care, however, as Sealandic history is  rife with examples of mountebanks and bounders claiming false connections to Sealand in order to part some pour soul from his hard-earned. For this reason Prince James, the Hereditary Prince of Sealand, has been kind enough to arrange an official announcement at his end to confirm my post.

The similarities between the rulers of Sealand and other European monarchs are many, but one feature worth noting is relatively recent opening up of the Sealandic peerage on a commercial basis. Closely modelled on the establishment of the modern English baronetage by King James I in 1611, one may apply for ennoblement in exchange for a contribution to the royal treasury (In King James' case, a Baronetcy put one back an eye-watering £1,095 - a colossal sum by seventeenth century standards. You will find Sealandic prices much more reasonable). For more information see here.

That's all for now, chaps, but do keep a keen eye peeled for more on this story, which is only just beginning. In the meantime, do feel free to mention you are a chum of 'Sir Mark' the next time you make a dinner reservation. It will no doubt ensure you are given the best table in the house.

Pip pip!


  1. Mark.
    You're a Knight among men, best egg of the tray and most complete Bon Viveur we've ever had the pleasure of working with at Oystercatchers.....and that's saying something. Keep up the good work Chap.

  2. As a Lord myself, I thought I must comment. =)