Monday, 18 November 2013

Introducing the Chap Associates!

What ho!

The nerves all all atwitter today, chaps. Big things afoot and all that. Specifically, it is now time to reveal the successful candidates for the new Chap Associate programme!

What will Chap Associates do? I must say, I'm rather disappointed if you need to ask this. The particulars are listed in full in the previous post. Do have a gander.

For the slow-coaches, however, I shall summarize: Chap Associates will assist me with the daily tasks of administering the burgeoning Marketing Chap empire, and attend various events and functions as my deputies when I am unable. The first of these shindigs is already set - Chap Associates will be attending the Like Minds London conference on 27-29 November where they will be blogging, tweeting, Instagramming with abandon.

Tempting as it might be to prattle on, the purpose of the post is to introduce the ten successful applicants. The Chap Associates' first assignment was to write 50-100 words about themselves for your reading pleasure. Here are the results:

Katie Burdett is a 21 year old journalism graduate living just outside of London. She enjoys writing, spending time with family and friends and buying shoes. Katie would love a career in PR or marketing and is obsessed with social media. She is a self-confessed Pinterest addict and her guilty pleasures are reality TV and gossip magazines.

Steven Manicom is a marketing communications student from Cape Town, South Africa. He is studying at AAA School of Advertising and is passionate about all things marketing and advertising. Looking to start a career in marketing, he is an easy-going all-round good guy who always strives for the best in all spheres of life. Runner, cyclist, artist, earl grey addict, royalist, wannabe petrol head, music lover, and non-Greek Greek. He works hard, and plays harder.

David Rose graduated with a degree in Business Economics last summer. Since then, he’s been writing for various publications in the UK and US. Aside from writing, David has a passion for volunteering, where he dedicates some of his spare time to help support the great work of Great Ormond Street Hospital. David is keen to break into financial/business journalism in the near future of his career.

Alicja Krzeminska is a bilingual PR graduate residing rather far up North in the land of whiskey, oil and men in skirts. She is particularly interested in digital marketing and PR, with a special interest in social media and online communities; looking quite actively to find a job in a digital agency down in London. When she is not busy working or spending countless hours on twitter, you can probably find her engrossed in a book or being sucked into the vortex of the World Wide Web.

Joe Birch graduated from the University of Warwick with a degree in English Literature this summer. Becoming a Chap Associate is his first foray in to the world of online blogging and social media, a fact which has him excited and nervous in equal measure. When not spending time with his pipe smoking chums, he plays cricket and writes various pieces for his own blog, mainly for his own amusement. It should also be noted that he makes an excellent martini.

Lisa Bollins is a recent Media and Communications graduate from De Montfort University. During her time at university Lisa set up a beauty blog, which she has managed to regularly update over three years and built up a strong following. Lisa has a passion for all things social media, and along with her blog can be found regularly updating her Twitter and Instagram. Since finishing her degree Lisa has taken part in two social media internships where she has been able to grow her understanding of the profession.

Kat Rutherford’s primary activity in life seems to be harassing people as a result of intrigue or necessity. As a result she thanks the lord (or more accurately, the digital overlords, Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg, etc.) for the invention of modern methods through which she can continue to experiment and play with this. Whether spurring creatives on to produce collaborative artistic dialogues, targeting the wider public to take notice of them, or just generally having a bit of a banter, Kat’s life would be very different without these very social forms of media.

Lauren Morton is a 21 year old Music and Theatre Graduate from the University of Derby. Living in the West Midlands, Lauren is passionate about music and is working towards a career within Music PR. As well as a part time job in retail, Lauren also volunteers with a local start up company, helping them implement their Marketing and PR strategies. In her spare time Lauren enjoys writing and performing music and also has her own blog. Lauren is very excited about working as a Chap Associate and is very appreciative of the opportunity.

Samantha Czekanski is a landscape photographer and fashion writer, having written pieces for both American and British based websites. In addition to this experience, she will also be interning at a local image consulting firm so she might start her own image consulting business one day. She has just recently been accepted into fashion school, and blogs at When she's not pursuing her passions, she can often be found amongst a sea of chocolate Hobnobs and the latest issue of Tatler.

Born in Bristol, and educated in such far-flung places as Saudi Arabia and Manchester, Leigh Purnell currently lives in an old kennels in Somerset.  During her thirty something years she has been a chef, a telecoms worker, a waitress (a career she gave up after accidentally hitting a customer in the face with a toasted teacake) and a member of an imaginary pop band, albeit one that was mentioned on Radio 1. In her spare time Leigh enjoys writing and listening to a wide range of embarrassing music.

An impressive lot, I'm sure you'll agree. Even more impressive will be the high-jinx that we shall collectively unleash upon an unsuspecting public. What I mean to say is, brace yourselves!

The name of each Chap Associate above is linked to their Twitter profile. Do take a moment to congratulate them on their appointment. Likewise, my partners in crime, Susan Ward and Lauren Hug have been veritable pillars of strength during this selection process and are deserving of much praise. Bravo!

Stay tuned for the next installment, chaps! Until then...

Pip pip!


  1. A tour de force of talent there, Chap and I am sure they will do you proud.

    Congratulations to you all.

    The Marketing Chap Associate programme is an inspired idea and will serve as an excellent example of how those already well placed in the industry can assist the next generation of chaps and chappettes.

    1. Many thanks, old plum. Looking forward to working as a team very much, especially, as you note, a team of such high standards.

  2. Congratulations to the new chaps and chapettes, I am sure they will do you proud Mark.

    1. They have already, old top, they have already.

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  4. Fantastic idea, would like to see more of this kind of thing in the marketing industry. I look forward to all that is to come!